Climate labels on restaurant menus

  • Increase revenue with more loyal and happier guests
  • Win procurements with precise data on climate performance
  • Reduce costs with cheaper ingrediens
  • Save time in the menu planning process
  • Reduce business risk with knowledge about your climate performance
  • Do something concrete and quantifiable for the climate
  • Highlight your awesomeness! You most likely already serve climate smart food. You and your guests just don’t know it yet.

CarbonAte is a web based restaurant menu planning tool and carbon footprint calculator that helps restaurant managers and chefs to develop and promote climate smart dishes. The system is fast and easy to use for the kitchen and easy to understand for the guests. The core of the system is the footprint calculator and the climate labels that support the kitchen manager when planning the menus and the guest when choosing which dish to eat.

Main features include

  • Calendar based menu planning tool for single or multiple restaurants.
  • Carbon footprint calculator
  • Third party verified carbon footprint index database for product categories and individual food products
  • Customised restaurant menus with climate footprint labels for printouts, display screens or websites. You only ever have to type each thing once CarbonAte copies and updates everything for you!

Data sources

The calculations of climate footprints for meals are basen on two data sources.

  • RISE Klimatdatabas which is a collection of life cycle assessment (LCA) data on food products
  • CarbonData which is climate footprint data calculated by CarbonCloud and consists of a combination of representative climate footprints for food types in particular regions, and climate footprint data for specific food products.

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